RDA Home Radon Test Kit


RDA Home Radon Test Kit


  • The simple and safe way to test for radon
  • EPA-listed under the radon gas measurement efficiency program
  • Includes test materials and lab fees
  • Results are available within 72 hours of lab receipt


The First Alert Radon Gas Test Kit checks your home or office for radon, a naturally occurring but dangerous gas. Simple to use and listed with the EPA, the kit includes everything you need, including lab fees (except NJ state tests), recommendations, and next steps if you do detect radon.

The Easy Way to Check for Radon

The First Alert Radon Gas Test Kit includes everything you need to check your home, business, or school for radon. Radon is a naturally occurring gas that can be found in basements, drains, crawl spaces, and other areas below ground. The EPA recommends testing for radon below the third floor of buildings. The charcoal-based radon test kit is listed under the EPA Radon Gas Measurement Proficiency Program.

Simple Test Takes Just Minutes

Testing for radon should only take a few minutes, and is safe and easy. Simply leave the radon sampler out in the lowest point in your home or office for two to four days. When finished, mail it immediately in the postage-paid envelope to the lab.

Includes Next Steps and Recommendations

The radon testing kit includes information on what to do if you do have a radon problem and how to interpret the results of your test. More comprehensive testing might be required if results come back indicating the presence of radon. The kit also includes background information on the dangers of radon and how it might be entering your building.

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