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Traveling Near or Far?

Pack a carbon monoxide alarm for reliable protection while away from home. Simply place this CO alarm on a shelf or tabletop in your vacation rental or hotel room.

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Protecting Homes & Families Since 1958

Install reliable, whole home protection you can trust to help protect what matters most.

Help Protect Your Home with First Alert Safety Products

Ensure your home is protected with First Alert fire and carbon monoxide safety products.

Home Fire Extinguisher

Rechargeable Home Fire Extinguisher

Light weight and easy to use, it is ideal for household use and can be recharged.

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 10 Year Battery

Carbon Monoxide Alarm With 10-Year Battery

Convenient tabletop alarm with no installation necessary and 10-year sealed battery.

First Alert Slim Profile Smoke Alarm

Slim Profile Smoke Alarm

This smoke alarm has a 10-year sealed battery, which means no battery replacements for the life of the alarm. 

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Carbon Monoxide Detector

6 Things to Know About CO Alarms

When purchasing a carbon monoxide detector there are a few things you should know. Learn how to help keep your home and family safe from CO.

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What is a 10-Year Smoke Alarm?

Install convenient protection with 10-year battery alarms. Learn more about 10-year battery smoke alarms and the benefits of installing one.

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Fire Safety Tips For Summer

From grilling to lighting fireworks, help ensure your family is safe this summer by practicing these fire and carbon monoxide safety tips.

A file extinguisher beside a grill. Grilling safety tips.

Grilling Safety Tips for Summer Barbecues

Grill fires can start easily and spread quickly. Follow our grilling safety tips to help keep your home and family safe all summer long.

Where to Buy First Alert Products

First Alert products can be purchased at the retailers below.

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