Combination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

First Alert combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms offer 2-in-1 protection from both types of danger

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Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Help protect your home and family with combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. First Alert offers homeowners a variety of combination smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors that provide 2-in-1 protection against both smoke and CO. Shop our line of combination smoke and CO alarms including battery operated, hardwired, and 10-year sealed battery detectors.

10-Year Sealed Battery Combination Alarms

Upgrade to hassle-free protection with our 10-year sealed battery alarms to eliminate the need for battery replacements and late-night low-battery chirps for the life of the alarm. Our 10-year sealed battery combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms saves space, with both types of protection in one alarm! We also offer a 10-year sealed battery alarm with voice alerts. In the event of an emergency, the smoke and CO detector will let you know the type and location of danger to help you and your family escape.

Hardwired Combination Alarms

For homes with hardwire, First Alert offers several hardwired combination smoke and CO alarms to fulfill your families’ needs. Most alarms come with hardwire adapter plugs, which makes installation easy and eliminates the need to rewire. Also, for protection during power outages, we offer a back-up battery feature that helps ensures your home and family are protected.

Battery Operated Combination Alarms

They are convenient to install and are equipped with an easy access battery compartment for effortless replacement. Some battery-operated alarms also feature voice and location alerts to warn your family of the type and location of the danger. Other battery-operated combination alarms can be interconnected so all of the alarms will sound as one in the event of an emergency.