Commercial Fire Extinguishers

First Alert heavy duty, commercial fire extinguishers are fit for demanding needs

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Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Help protect your organization, employees, and customers with a heavy-duty fire extinguisher fit for the demanding needs of a commercial or industrial setting. For decades First Alert fire extinguishers and alarms have been protecting homes and businesses. We offer a variety of heavy duty and rechargeable fire extinguishers that are UL rated for commercial use. Heavy duty fire extinguishers can also help protect your vehicle, boat, garage or workshop. These fire extinguishers are designed for all types of fires including paper, wood, fabric, electrical, and flammable liquids. Our fire extinguishers are dependable and easy to use.

Using a Commercial Fire Extinguisher

Having the right kind of fire extinguisher on hand and knowing how to use it can stop a small fire from causing more damage.

A simple way to remember how to use a fire extinguisher is with the acronym PASS.

  • P: Pull the pin
  • A: Aim at the base of the fire
  • S: Squeeze the trigger
  • S: Sweep from side to side

Help Protect Your Company with Commercial Fire Extinguishers

If you’re looking for a fire extinguisher, First Alert offers a variety of heavy duty, commercial fire extinguishers to help protect your business and personal property in the event of a fire. In commercial settings, an appropriately rated commercial fire extinguisher is not only essential but also required. Fire extinguishers should be located on a wall next to an exit, in a visible and easily accessible in case of a fire emergency. Equip yourself with a properly rated commercial fire extinguisher today and give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re prepared for a fire emergency.