1039832 Hardwired Interconnected Smoke Alarm

SKU: 1039832

1039832 Hardwired Interconnected Smoke Alarm

SKU: 1039832

  • Hardwired alarm can communicate wirelessly with other compatible alarms to create a fire alarm system
  • When one alarm is triggered, all connected alarms will sound
  • Integrated battery backup allows continuous detection during power outages
  • Photoelectric sensor detects smoke with reduced false alarms
  • One button silences a false alarm and tests the smoke detector


The First Alert SA520A Interconnected Smoke Alarm with Hardwire Adapter Included allows you to create an interconnected fire alarm system without the cost and hassle of wiring. Use this smoke detector to replace an existing hardwired smoke alarm and then install additional First Alert Wireless alarms for an interconnected safety network (additional alarms sold separately). This hardwired smoke detector can connect and communicate with up to 18 compatible alarms, so when one alarm is triggered, the entire system reacts. An integrated battery backup ensures the smoke alarm continues to work even during power outages.

Create an Interconnected Fire Safety System

The Alert SA520A Interconnected Smoke Alarm with Hardwire Adapter Included makes it easy to begin creating a safety network of detection. This model is designed to replace an existing hardwired 120-volt alarm so you can add up to 18 First Alert Wireless Interconnected alarms and get expanded protection (additinoal alarms sold serperatly). By connecting multiple Wireless Interconnected alarms, you can be alerted to danger on the other side of your house before the smoke from that area reaches you. When one alarm sounds, all connected alarms in the system will sound simultaneously. Earlier notification of danger means you can escape sooner.

Hardwired Alarm Installs Easily

The smoke detector is designed for non-professional, do-it-yourself installation. It is designed to easily replace most existing 120-volt hardwired alarms. In case of power outages, the smoke alarm has a battery backup feature designed to ensure continuous detection. A low-battery light and chirp will let you know when the AA batteries need to be replaced. A one-touch button silences false alarms and allows you to test the smoke alarm for functionality.

Comprehensive Warning Features

The smoke alarm features an 85-decibel siren. This smoke detector uses a photoelectric sensor that is designed to detect the presence of smoke, while minimizing false alarms from cooking smoke and shower steam.

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