Dual Sensor Home Smoke Alarms

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 3 of every 5 home fire deaths resulted from fires in houses without smoke detectors or smoke detectors that weren't working. When it comes to home safety, fire alarms are essential. There are many different types of smoke alarms, so choosing the best option for your home can be difficult. The First Alert 10-Year Battery Dual Sensor Alarm is fully equipped with a range of features that can make it the best choice for your home. Keep reading to learn more about the highlighted features of this fire detector.

Dual Sensor

There are three basic types of home smoke alarms: photoelectric, ionization, and dual sensor. Photoelectric alarms are generally more responsive to smoke from a slow, smoldering fire. Whereas ionization alarms are best at detecting smoke from a fast, flaming fire. Dual sensor alarms combine both ionization and photoelectric technologies into one. The sensors work together to equip your home with comprehensive smoke and fire detection. By using both photoelectric and ionization technology, this 10-Year Battery Dual Sensor Alarm can provide the earliest possible warning, regardless of the type of fire.

Smart Sensor

When a home smoke alarm frequently sounds for false alarms, people have the tendency to take out the batteries or disconnect the alarms, which leaves their home and family unprotected. To reduce false alarms often triggered by cooking smoke or steam, this dual sensor alarm offers smart sensing technology.  Intelligent sensing technology is designed to distinguish between real fires and nuisances, reducing false alarms significantly so there is never a need to disable the alarm.

Easy Installation

Due to its wireless capabilities from being battery operated, it’s easy to install this detector in your home. Follow recommendations for placement and install the alarm either on your ceiling, or if on the wall, ensure it is within 12 inches from the ceiling.

Best Features for Smoke Alarms

Simple Design

For effortless use, there’s only one button for testing and silencing the alarm. Additionally, the loud 85-decibel alarm is engineered to be heard easily throughout the house.

10-Year Sealed Battery

With a built-in, sealed 10-year lithium-ion battery, the alarm will be powered over its full lifespan without needing battery changes. The lifespan of any smoke alarm is 10 years, so you’ll never have to change the battery over the lifetime of your home smoke alarm. It also has as an end-of-life warning that will sound when it’s time to replace the alarm.