How to Install a Smoke Detector

How to Install a Smoke Detector

The first line of defense that will help alert you and your family of a fire is a smoke detector. Some factors to consider when purchasing a smoke detector are the type of detector, the location of installation, how many you need in your home, and the general maintenance of the alarm. First Alert is the #1 brand in fire safety, and our top priority is the safety of your home and family. Follow these helpful tips to choose the right smoke alarm for your home and family and learn how to properly install a smoke detector.

1. Choose Your Smoke Alarm

There are many different types of smoke alarms from which you can choose to install in your house. Different detectors have different features like 10-year sealed battery smoke alarms, combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, battery operated and hardwired alarms. First Alert’s 10-year sealed battery alarm with voice and location technology offers hassle free protection and eliminates the need for battery replacements for the life of the alarm. This detector is also equipped with voice alerts, letting you know the type and location of danger. First Alert also offers hardwire alarms and most come with convenient adapter plugs, so installation is easy and there is no need to rewire.

2. Decide Where to Install Smoke Alarms in Your House

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), smoke detectors should be installed on every level of your home, in every bedroom, and outside every sleeping area. To help avoid nuisance alarms, alarms should be installed at least 10 feet away from cooking appliances. Also, when installing your alarm, place the fire alarm on the ceiling or high on the wall because smoke rises. When installing an alarm high on the wall, it should not be placed more than 12 inches from the ceiling. Also, avoid installing detectors near windows or air ducts, as this could hinder their performance.

Where to Install Smoke Alarms

3. Install Your Smoke Alarms

To install your detector, you will need a pencil, drill (with a 3/16” or 5mm drill bit), Phillips screwdriver, and a hammer. To begin installing, mark drill points on the ceiling no less than 8 inches from the nearest wall. Next, drill holes, mount the alarm to the mounting bracket and twist the fire alarm into place. Screw on the base plate and insert any necessary batteries. Now that you know how to install a smoke detector, browse our website to shop a variety of smoke detectors for your house to help protect what matters most.