A woman with luggage leaves her hotel room.

Pack A Portable Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Simply place this 10-Year CO Alarm with Digital Display on a shelf or tabletop in your hotel room or vacation rental for reliable protection.

A man barbecues his food on a grill. Stop grill and grease fires fast with First Alert.

Keep EZ Fire Spray Within Reach

EZ Fire Extinguishing Spray is safe for indoor and outdoor use, easy to clean up and effective against common household fires.

Alarms Every 10 Years

Replace Alarms Every 10 Years

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should be replaced every 10 years to help ensure your home and family are protected. If it’s time to replace, upgrade to 10-year battery alarms for reliable, decade long protection.

Trusted fire safety protection. A family of three sit outside their home.

Install The Latest Smoke Alarm Technology

First Alert is the most trusted brand in fire safety and continues to provide reliable protection through Precision Detection advanced smoke sensing technology that meets the latest industry standards.

Upgrade to Precision Detection Technology

First Alert's Precision Detection advanced sensing technology meets the latest industry standards requiring smoke alarms and combination smoke & carbon monoxide alarms to reduce nuisance alarms and detect smoke from synthetic materials. First Alert’s Precision Detection alarms provide advanced and reliable fire protection to help protect what matters most.


Precision Detection. Advanced Sensing Technology. Early Warning. Less Nuisance.

Help Protect Your Home & Family with First Alert

Precision Detection - Smoke Detector

Precision Detection
Smoke Alarms

Precision Detection  2-in-1 Smoke & CO Alarm

Precision Detection
2-in-1 Smoke & CO Alarms

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

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Fire  Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

More Safety Products

More Safety Products

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Precision Detection. A man and woman sit outside their home with their young daughter. A smoke alarm is shown in the lower right corner.

What is Precision Detection?

Learn the benefits of First Alert's Precision Detection advanced sensing technology and change in smoke alarm industry standards.

CO Travel Tips

Carbon Monoxide Travel Tips

Take safety into your own hands while traveling with a portable carbon monoxide detector to help protect yourself & loved ones while on the go.

Cooking food on the grill

9 Grilling Safety Tips

Grill fires can start easily and spread quickly. Follow our easy grilling safety tips to help keep your home and family safe all summer long.

Father and son around campfire

Camping Safety Tips

For those who plan to flee their homes for a fun camping trip this summer, make camping safety a priority with these four simple tips.

Fire Safety Community 

Children wearing plastic firefighter helmets line up near a fire truck.


Learn more about First Alert's partnerships and community events.
A family plans their emergency fire escape plan.

Safety Corner

Help keep your home and family safe with home safety tips for smoke, CO, escape planning and more.
A map of the United States. All states are blue, Kansas is highlighted in gray.


Learn more about your states' smoke and carbon monoxide laws and legislation.

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