EZ Fire Spray Testimonials

Be Prepared With Fire Extinguishers

Keep a fire extinguisher easily accessible in the kitchen and know how to use it to help be prepared.

Fire Prevention Month

Protecting Homes & Families Since 1958

Install reliable fire and carbon monoxide protection on every level and in every bedroom to help protect what matters most.

EZ Fire Spray

Install Carbon Monoxide Alarms

CO is an invisible, odorless and tasteless gas produced by any fuel burning device. The only way to detect this harmful gas is with working carbon monoxide alarms.

Help Protect Your Home with First Alert Safety Products

EZ Fire Spray

First Alert EZ Fire Spray

Easy to use fire extinguishing spray discharges four times longer than a traditional fire extinguisher.
CO detector with 10-year battery

10-Year Battery CO Alarm

Convenient tabletop carbon monoxide alarm for your home with no installation necessary.
Smoke and CO Alarm with Voice Alerts

Smoke & CO Alarm with Voice Alerts

This 2-in-1 detector tells you the type of danger and its location with voice alerts.

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Camping Safety Tips for Summer

Kitchen Fire Safety Do's and Don'ts

Regardless of how experienced you may be in the kitchen, accidents happen. Practice kitchen fire safety and have a fire extinguisher to help be prepared.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Fire Safety

Carbon Monoxide Travel Tips

When traveling, it's hard to know if where you are staying will have working carbon monoxide alarms. Pack a CO alarm to help ensure your loved ones are protected while away from home.

RV Safety Tips

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Help be prepared and know how to operate a fire extinguisher before needing to use one in an emergency. Learn the P.A.S.S. technique.

CO Travel Tips

Winter Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips

Winter is a peak time for carbon monoxide poisoning as more people start to utilize their fuel-burning devices. Practice CO safety and install alarms in your home.

Learn Home Fire Safety Tips With Safety Advocate Eva Longoria

First Alert is joining forces with actress and advocate Eva Longoria to share effective and simple home safety tips, and the importance of installing reliable fire and carbon monoxide protection.

Fire Safety Community 

Take Charge of Safety Event


Learn more about First Alert's partnerships and community events.
Family planning their emergency escape plan

Safety Corner

Help keep your home and family safe with home safety tips for smoke, CO, escape planning and more.
Carbon Monoxide Legislation Map


Learn more about your states' smoke and carbon monoxide laws and legislation.
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