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Shop additional First Alert home safety products, including fire escape ladders, test kits, safes and other smart home products.

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Home Safety Products

Home safety goes beyond having fire extinguishers, and smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms. First Alert offers a wide selection of additional safety products to supplement your fire and home safety.

Escape Ladders

Residential fire escape ladders help provide you with an alternate escape route should you need to escape from a second or third story. Their foldable, compact design means you can store them in an easy to access location.

Test kits

Help ensure the air you and your loved ones are breathing is safe with a Radon Test Kit. Check your home or office for radon, a naturally occurring, but dangerous gas. It is safe and simple to use and includes next steps if you do detect high levels of radon.


Safes help provide secure places to store important items and belongings. We offer a variety of safes including wall and floor safes, gun safes and fireproof lockboxes with enhanced security features including fire resistance and waterproof.