Best Features for Smoke Alarms

Best Features for Smoke Alarms

Your home smoke alarm is entrusted with the important task of helping keep your family safe. So, you want to make sure your smoke alarm is reliable and is equipped with the best features for your home and family's needs. Technology has revolutionized a wide variety of household items and the smoke alarm is no exception. To get you up-to-date on the latest, below are a few of the best smoke alarm features.

Voice & Location Alerts

Smoke alarms with voice and location alerts will identify whether it is a fire or a carbon monoxide emergency, and in which room of your home the danger is in. For example, fire in the guest bedroom. The alarm will also sound on top of the voice alerts. This allows you and your family to take the appropriate action to safely escape your home. Voice alarms can also alert you when the battery is getting low.

Interconnected System

In the past, it was only possible to connect your home alarm systems via hardwiring to your home's electrical system. With today’s technology, your alarm system can interconnect using wireless, battery-operated smoke alarms. This feature makes it easier for homes without a hardwire option to interconnect their systems. The main benefit of an interconnected smoke alarm is if one alarm goes off in any room of the house, all alarms in the house will go off. This will alert you to a fire in a different part of the house as soon as possible, allowing you and your family time to safely escape. Battery backup allows interconnected smoke alarms to provide continuous protection during power outages.

Safety Path Light

Some smoke alarms come equipped with a safety path light built in. When the alarm is alerted, this light will help illuminate you and your family's escape route to safety during a fire emergency.

First Alert's Reliable Protection

Having the right smoke alarms for your home and family's needs can make all the difference in an emergency situation. First Alert knows better than anyone how important keeping your family safe is, and that is why we are the #1 brand in fire safety in the U.S. We’ve been creating reliable products since 1958. You can find more information about our fire safety products by browsing our website.

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