SA303CN-1 Ionization Smoke Alarm

SKU: SA303CN-1

SA303CN-1 Ionization Smoke Alarm

SKU: SA303CN-1


The First Alert SA303 Ionization Smoke Alarm is an ideal choice for essential smoke detection. This smoke detector uses ionization smoke-sensing technology with an enhanced smoke-gathering design that is great for detecting smoke from flaming fires. Convenient single-button operation lets you silence false alarms and test the fire alarm to ensure it is working.

  • Smoke alarm detects smoke from flaming fires
  • Ionization smoke-sensing technology with enhanced smoke-gathering design
  • Loud 85-decibel alarm is designed to be heard easily
  • Side-load battery compartment and theft-prevention lock
  • Smoke detector features single test/silence button for simple operation
Product Overview


Ionization Sensor Detects Smoke from Flaming Fires

The First Alert SA303 Smoke Alarm features ionization smoke-sensing technology with a contemporary enhanced smoke-gathering design. Ionization sensors offer optimal smoke detection from flaming fires. The 85-decibel alarm is designed to be loud enough to wake even the soundest sleepers.

Easy-to-Use Design

This smoke detector utilizes a single button for simple operation. Press the button on the face of the fire alarm to silence false alarms from cooking smoke or shower steam, as well as to test the alarm to ensure it is working. A blinking power light informs you the smoke alarm is operational, while a low battery-alert lets you know when it is time to change the battery.

Tamper-Resistant Battery Operation

A single 9-volt battery powers the First Alert SA303 Smoke Alarm, and there is a side-load battery drawer that slides open for easy battery replacement. The fire alarm features an optional pin to lock the battery and detector in place for tamper resistance, making it so neither the battery nor the smoke detector can be removed without the proper tools. This smoke detector can be easily installed on the wall or ceiling, and it is suitable for use in mobile homes and RVs.

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User Manual for SA300, SA303 and SA305 Smoke Alarms (English, Spanish)