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Install Carbon Monoxide Alarms

CO is an invisible, odorless and tasteless gas produced by any fuel burning device. The only way to detect this harmful gas is with working carbon monoxide alarms.

Help Protect Your Family with First Alert CO Alarms

10-Year Battery CO Alarm with Digital Temperature Display

10-Year Battery CO Alarm with Digital Temperature Display

Displays room temperature and alerts you to elevated CO levels. Built in 10-year sealed battery offers continuous protection for the life of the alarm.
Carbon Monoxide Detector

Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm 

Portable CO alarm is easy to use and install. Battery power provides continuous protection, even in the event of a power outage.
Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup

Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup

Plugs into any standard electrical socket to monitor CO levels. Battery backup allows for continuous monitoring, even in the event of a power outage.
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Where Does Carbon Monoxide Come From?

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless, colorless, tasteless and deadly gas. Learn more about where carbon monoxide comes from to help protect your home and family from the dangers of CO.
CO Travel Tips

Carbon Monoxide Travel Tips

Safety should always remain top of mind, even when you are traveling or on vacation. Help ensure your vacation is worry free and your family is protected by following our carbon monoxide travel tips.

7 Things to Know About Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide alarms are the only way to detect CO gas in your home. Before purchasing and installing CO alarms in your home, learn more about carbon monoxide and CO alarms today!
CO legislation

Carbon Monoxide Laws

State and municipal governments around the United States have acknowledged the value of CO alarms and have enacted new legislation for CO alarms in houses. Learn more about carbon monoxide laws and check your state's carbon monoxide regulations here.

Recommended Placement

What Does the Beep Mean?

alert icon

4 Beeps and a Pause

Emergency: Carbon monoxide has been detected. Move to fresh air and call 9-1-1.
battery icon

1 Beep Every Minute

Low battery: It's time to replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide alarm.
replace icon

5 Beeps Every Minute

End of Life: It's time to replace your carbon monoxide alarm.

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