Downloadable Home Escape Plan

Protect your family by preparing a plan to help them escape to safety in the event of an emergency. To create a home escape plan, start by downloading and printing Our Escape Plan worksheet. This makes planning a fun activity and helps your kids remember how to escape if the smoke alarms sound.


Then sit down with your family and draw a map of your home showing the doors and windows in each room. Remember, every room should have at least two exits. When mapping out your family's plan, be sure to also include an outside meeting spot like a tree, light pole or mail box that is a safe distance away from the house. Learn more on how to create an emergency escape plan here.


After you and your family have created a map, it's time to plan, practice, repeat!

Create an Emergency Escape Plan

Having an escape plan is only part of whole home safety. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms provide you and your family with an early warning, giving you time to safety escape. Click here to learn the importance of having the necessary protection throughout your home.