Meet Your Family's New Best Friend

The Onelink Safe & Sound makes your life easier and more enjoyable by helping keep your home safe and providing superior sound.

Protect Your Home From Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide (CO) incidents increase during the winter months.

Protecting Homes & Families Since 1958

First Alert leads through innovation, and has built a legacy of trust, delivering unparalleled reliability.

Less Worry, More Time For What Really Matters

10 year sealed battery alarms provide protection for a whole decade and eliminate the need for battery replacements!

Protect Your Home

Ensure your home is protected with First Alert fire and carbon monoxide safety products.

Onelink Safe & Sound

3-in-1 smart home solution integrating a premium speaker and Amazon Alexa in a smart smoke and CO alarm.

Micro Smoke Alarm

Eco-friendly, easy to install and no battery chirps or replacements for the life of the alarm.

Smoke & CO Alarm with Voice Alerts

This 2-in-1 alarm tells you the type of danger and its location with voice alerts.


Learn more about fire and carbon monoxide safety, including legislation in your area. Additional safety information from the National Fire Protection Association.

Fire Safety Lessons

Learn more about critical fire safety lessons from NBC's popular show "This Is Us."

Safety Corner

Learn how to keep your home and family safe with fire and carbon monoxide safety tips and emergency escape route planning.


An interactive map that displays smoke and carbon monoxide legislation by state.

Where to Buy

First Alert products can be purchased at the retailers below.

February 2nd at 11:40pm
First Alert would like to thank and congratulate Gene, Manager of New Technology, as he retires after 47 years! Gene takes pride in designing products that help save people's lives. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

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February 2nd at 9:26pm
We are already preparing for the next episode of #ThisIsUs on Superbowl Sunday. Remember to change the batteries in your smoke alarm at least once every 6 months, or purchase a 10-year sealed battery alarm so you won't have to worry about battery replacements at all!

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January 26th at 8:29pm
Carbon Monoxide related incidents spike in January and February, due to the colder weather. Check out this blog post from Your Modern Family for more information on how you can keep your family safe from CO.

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January 24th at 3:47pm
Protect what matters most to you. Remember to replace the batteries in your smoke alarm at least every 6 months, or switch to a 10-year sealed battery alarm. #ThisIsUs

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January 19th at 10:20pm
Thank you to all the volunteers for another amazing Take Charge of Safety Event with The Chicago Bulls and The Chicago Fire Department. We enjoy every opportunity to educate students about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and the importance of home safety!

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January 9th at 5:36pm
Introducing the Onelink Connect, the new tri-band Wi-Fi mesh network from First Alert, delivering faster and more reliable internet throughout the home. With premium network security to prevent cyber-threats and hacks, and monitoring and filtering of content and device usage on your home network, the Onelink Connect provides the security and control you need. Learn more about the Onelink Connect on Gizmodo:

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January 8th at 8:42pm
Meet your family’s new best friend - the Onelink Safe & Sound, a hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that is also a premium home speaker with Amazon Alexa. Sign up for an email notification once the device is available to order on Amazon: To learn more, visit our website ( or read some of the press coverage from publications like The Verge ( and Tom’s Guide (

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December 31st at 4:17pm
We hope you have a very safe and Happy New Year!

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December 24th at 9:43pm
Wishing you a safe and happy holiday!

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