AF400-12 EZ Fire Spray

SKU: AF400-12

AF400-12 EZ Fire Spray

SKU: AF400-12


Unattended cooking is the number one of cause of home fires. Equip your kitchen with First Alert’s EZ Fire Spray to help be prepared! This products small size makes it ideal for the kitchen and is easier to use than a traditional fire extinguisher. It discharges four times longer than a regular fire extinguisher, making it effective against common household fires including grease fires. The portable size and aerosol spray nozzle make using this product fast and simple for at home, on boats, RVs, and while traveling. The biodegradable formula is easy to clean up by simply wiping with a damp cloth, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess indoors.

  • Discharges four times longer than traditional fire extinguisher products
  • Ideal for the kitchen, garage, on boats or in RVs
  • Light aerosol can is easy to hold, carry and use
  • Extinguishes grease, paper, fabric, wood and electrical fires
  • Extinguishing formula is biodegradable and easy-to-clean
Product Overview


Aerosol Can is Easy to Use

Traditional fire extinguishers can be intimidating to use. The First Alert EZ Fire Spray nozzle and compact size makes using it easy to use, just point and spray. The aerosol spray discharges four times longer than regular extinguishers and can easily be stored to help stop fires fast.

Ideal for Common Household Fires

The biodegradable formula works on fires involving wood, paper, fabric, cooking oils and grease. Its variety and small size make this product a great safety solution to keep in your kitchen cabinet, as well as on boats and RVs. The First Alert EZ Fire Spray also works on electrical appliances and equipment fires and is perfect for keeping in the garage or the workshop in case a small fire breaks out.

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