The Most Important Fire Safety Lessons to Teach Your Kids

The Most Important Fire Safety Lessons to Teach Your Kids

Fires are scary to everyone involved, and kids may not know exactly what to do when facing an emergency. Educating your kids about fire safety will give them the confidence they need to handle unexpected situations. Here are some important lessons all kids (and adults) should know about staying safe in the face of a fire.

Keep Children Safe in the House

If your child sees you playing with things like lighters or matches, they’ll likely be interested in those things as well. You should never play with matches or lighters in front of your children and teach them to never handle these items without adult supervision. Also, make sure to store lighters and matches out of reach from your children.

Hot items like space heaters and stovetops can cause serious burns to children. Because of this, try to keep children at least three feet away from appliances and electronics that get hot.

Establish a Fire-Escape Plan

Babies and young children likely won’t know what’s going on during a fire. Because of this, you should establish a plan on who is grabbing what child or pet when evacuating. If your child is old enough, have a conversation with them regarding what to do if they smell or see smoke inside the house or hear the smoke alarm go off. Teach them to crawl on the ground to stay low and avoid smoke inhalation. If their clothing catches on fire, they should know to stop, drop and roll.

When planning a fire escape plan with your children, make sure you scope out at least two ways to escape every room in your house. This ensures that you’ll still have a way to escape if one of the exit routes is blocked. For upstairs rooms, consider investing in a portable fire escape ladder that you can store in your home; doing so could save your life!

You should also choose a safe meeting spot outside of the home for fire emergencies, and practice your escape plan and meeting at the designated spot. It is very important to teach your children to never re-enter a burning building.

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