The Most Common Causes of House Fires

The Most Common Causes of House Fires

Equipping your house with smoke alarms and having a fire safety plan are two important steps to take in ensuring your home is protected from a fire. Being aware of the most common causes of house fires is also beneficial in preventing them from happening. The National Fire Protection Association notes that there are over 360,000 home structure fires annually, causing $6-8 billion dollars in damage. Minimize risk and take note of the most common causes of house fires below.

Cooking-Related Fires

When you’re cooking something on the stovetop, never leave your kitchen unattended! Pots and pans can easily overheat or oil can catch fire and start a fire unexpectedly. If you need to leave the room while you are cooking, ask another person to monitor the stovetop. If no one else is there, simply turn off the stovetop before leaving. Your oven should be used with caution as well.

Electrical Equipment & Faulty Wiring

Did you know that simple kitchen appliances such as a toaster can start a fire if it has a faulty or frayed cord? There is also an increased risk if a certain electrical outlet is being overused with double adapter plugs or extension cords; therefore other electrical equipment such as power extension cords should be used with caution.

Faulty wiring is another example of an electrical hazard that may occur in your home. If you turn on more than one appliance and the lights dim, this could be a sign of faulty wiring. Blowing fuses is another example of faulty wiring. Consult an electrician to fix this as soon as possible.


Lighting a candle can help your home feel cozy and smell good. But if candles are left unattended, they can cause a fire and trigger your house smoke alarms. Never leave a room that has a lit candle and make sure that you place your candle strategically; don’t leave it near any flammable objects, like curtains or tissues.


Young children are often curious about matches, lighters and other dangerous objects. Keep dangerous objects out of reach and make sure to install house smoke alarms inside all bedrooms in the home.

Installing working house smoke alarms as well as being aware of common causes of house fires can help protect you and your family. Browse alarms on our site and develop a fire safety plan for you and your family in case of an emergency.