Interconnected Smoke Alarms and How They Can Help You

Interconnected Smoke Alarms and How They Can Help You

When it comes to fire safety, more protection is always better. Thinking about your smoke alarm or your carbon monoxide detector may not be on your mind on a day-to-day basis, but your family’s safety should still be of the upmost importance. It’s easier now than ever to have peace of mind about house fires and the build-up of carbon monoxide in your home. Wireless interconnected smoke alarms will let you know about the presence of smoke, fire or carbon monoxide sooner than traditional detectors.

How Do Wireless Interconnected Alarms Work?

Wireless interconnected smoke and co-detectors will alert you immediately if there’s signs of a fire. Every interconnected alarm will sound simultaneously when just one goes off. Some models of the alarms feature voice and location that will point out where the source of the issue is in your home, so you don’t have to worry about guessing where the fire started. It is also useful in making sure you take immediate action if the source of the fire is close to where you are in the house. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association cites that the majority of fatalities from U.S. home fires were located in a different room than where the fire started.

The alarms are hardwired so they can communicate wirelessly with other compatible alarms to create a seamless fire and carbon monoxide system in your home. When you have a system, it’s like having a personal fire and carbon monoxide guard in each room of your home.

First Alert is Dedicated to Your Safety

At First Alert, we offer multiple options for smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, so your family can pick the best option for you. Many of our hardwired alarms offer integrated battery backup so you don’t have to worry about power outages. We also offer photoelectric sensors to detect smoke with reduced false alarms, to help prevent alarms from cooking steam. If that occurs, simply silence the false alarm with the push of one button.

The hardwired systems can communicate with up to 18 other alarms, making this a good choice for any size home. If your family is interested in these alarms, please contact First Alert today!