Household Smoke Alarm FAQ

Household Smoke Alarm FAQ

Fire safety is something you and your family should take extremely seriously. Part of that process is ensuring your home is properly armed with household smoke alarms to alert you at the earliest possible signs of disaster. Smoke alarms are relatively straightforward devices, but there are a number of frequently asked questions that are important to understand when making sure your home is properly prepared.

How Exactly Do Household Smoke Alarms Work?

There are two main types of smoke alarms: ionization alarms and photoelectric alarms. Ionization alarms contain a chamber with two plates and a source of ionizing radiation. If smoke enters the chamber, it disrupts the ionization and triggers the alarm. Photoelectric alarms contain photocells that detect light; if a certain amount of light enters, the alarm is triggered.

How Many Do I Need in My House?

This depends on the size of your house, but at the minimum, there should be one in every bedroom or room that’s used for sleeping. There should also be one placed outside any sleeping area and at least one on every story of your home, including the basement and the attic. After all, when it comes to fire safety, there’s no such thing as being too cautious.

How Often Should I Check My Household Smoke Alarms?

You should be sure to check your alarms at least once every month by pressing the “test” button. When you hold the button down, you will hear a loud, piercing sound a few seconds after. Smoke alarm batteries should be replaced every six months; an easy way to remember this is to change your batteries when you change your clocks for Daylight saving time. If you have a 10-year battery alarm, you won’t have to worry about changing your batteries.

Can I Interconnect My Smoke Alarms?

Interconnected smoke alarms are linked to each other wirelessly to ensure that if one sounds, the rest will sound as well. Our website features interconnected smoke alarms with integrated battery backup, meaning detection will continue even if you lose power in your home.

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