Fire Safety Lessons to Teach Your Kids

Fire Safety Lessons to Teach Your Kids

As parents, it’s essential to know the things we can do to increase the level of safety in our homes. This includes taking precautionary steps and providing our homes with the right safety equipment; not just smoke alarms, but also fire escape ladders if you live in a multi-story home.

Make a Fire-Escape Plan

Planning ahead greatly increases the chances that you and your loved ones will escape a fire in your home.

-Give every room in the house an easily understandable name such as master bedroom, boys’ room, girls’ room and so forth.

-Try to have at least two escape routes from every room. If a window is your secondary exit, make sure children can open it and get to the ground safely.

-Designate a safe meeting place for the family to gather after exiting the home, but not so close as to be in danger of the fire.

General Safety Tips

-Teach your children never to play with matches and lighters and keep them out of their reach.

-Don’t leave candles burning when you leave a room or go to bed.

-Use common sense in the kitchen and don’t leave a hot stovetop or oven unattended.

-Show your children what a smoke alarm sounds like and teach them to get low and get out when they hear it.

-Keep at least three feet of space around any space heater and never leave a space heater on or plugged in unattended.

Home Fire Safety Equipment

-Install smoke detectors on every level of your home, inside every bedroom, and outside every sleeping area.

-Change the batteries at least twice a year and replace detectors over 10 years old.

-Have a fire escape ladder for a multi-story home and make sure your children know how to unfold it and hook it over a window sill.

-Buy a fire extinguisher rated for multiple kinds of household fires.


Owning and maintaining the correct amount of smoke alarms and teaching your children proper fire safety practices are essential in protecting your family.