Where Should I Place My Home Smoke Alarms?

Not only should your home have enough smoke alarms, but they also need to be positioned strategically for them to work effectively and alert you and your family in the case of an emergency. Although fires may spread more quickly in today’s modernly furnished homes, technology in new smoke alarms is also advancing. This should be comforting that with the proper amount and placement of alarms, your home will be prepared in case of a home fire.

They should be placed according to the NFPA – add this reference.


How Many Smoke Alarms is Enough?

The National Fire Protection Agency recommends a certain amount of alarms to be installed inside of your home. At a minimum, you should have at least one smoke alarm installed inside of every room that is slept in, as well as outside every sleeping area and on every level of the home. Fire detection needs have changed over the years; if you live in an older home, you may need to check over your house and purchase new smoke alarms to make sure it is up to today’s standards.

It is Association not Agency.


Choosing the Proper Rooms and Location

Especially if your home is bigger, it can be difficult to choose the exact rooms that should or should not have a smoke alarm. If you have a floor of your home that does not have any bedrooms, choose a family room or den that is near the bottom of the stairs leading up to the next level. In your basement, smoke alarms should also be installed at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the next level.

Generally, there shouldn’t be any smoke alarms installed in the kitchen, but if you do install your smoke alarm at least 10 feet away from any cooking appliances to make sure that there aren’t false alarms when you are cooking.

As a general rule of thumb, smoke alarms should be installed high on the walls or on ceilings. If you install your alarm on the wall, make sure the alarm is within 1 foot of the ceiling. If you have ceilings that are pitched, make sure to install the smoke alarm within 3 feet of the peak, but at least 4 inches down from the top of the peak.


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