Preventing Seasonal Fires

Every season comes with a unique set of concerns in terms of fire protection. As long as you are aware of the potential threats, staying safe year-round is achievable for you and your loved ones. Fire alarms and smoke detectors are great ways to stay safe, but being educated is important as well.

In order to be prepared, read about the potential seasonal threats and the steps that you can take to stay safe.


Summer Fire Safety

The Fourth of July is a festive and patriotic holiday, but much of the excitement revolves around fireworks. Over 50,000 fires are caused by fireworks annually, so it is important to take safety precautions seriously around the Fourth of July. Kids and adults alike love sparklers, but make sure not to point them at yourself or others while they are lit. If you are lighting fireworks, make sure to do so from an area that is dry and fire-resistant. Only one firework should be set off at a time, and never let young children handle fireworks or sparklers. Keep a hose nearby in the case of an emergency.


Fall Fire Safety

Halloween is another celebrated holiday that involves fires. Jack-o-lanterns feature small candles to produce a glow, but be mindful that jack-o-lanterns may present a fire risk if they are not handled with care. To eliminate the risk of a fire starting, you can swap a real candle for a fake candle to still get the glow from a jack-o-lantern. Other Halloween fire risks include paper ghosts, dry bales of hay, dry corn stalks, and flowy costumes. Keep all decorations away from heat sources such as light bulbs or heaters.

Thanksgiving revolves around cooking food, so kitchen fire safety is especially important around this time. Always keep an eye on your food while you are cooking and check on the food frequently. Keep young children away from the stove and make sure the floor is cleared so that no one trips. It is also important to test your fire alarms and smoke detectors beforehand to make sure they work properly.


Winter Fire Safety

The holiday season is a time for a lot of decorations including lights, candles and more. Plus, fires are more prevalent during the winter time. Keep heat sources away from decorations and ensure all wires are out of the way.

Keep your family safe from fires no matter what season it is! If you’re in need of fire alarms and smoke detectors, browse the First Alert website.