Choosing the Best Safe for Your Home

Choosing the Best Safe for Your Home

When it comes to buying a safe for your valuables, trusting that the safe will hold up against all conditions is essential. Whether you want a portable safe you can take with you on vacations or a fireproof and waterproof safe for those unexpected tragedies, First Alert has a safe to suit your needs. Our website features a variety of different features so you can choose the safe that’s right for you.

Things to Store in Your Safe

Of course, deciding what you want to store in your safe is a personal decision. Generally speaking, people tend to store important documents like a passport, annual tax returns, birth certificates, social security cards and a will in a secure safe. If you don’t store the original copy of those documents in your safe at home, you can always store copies in case the original copy gets stolen.

Types of Safes

Deciding what safe is best for your home is an important decision. Until you start looking, you may not realize just how many options you have from which to choose as safe technology has evolved over the years. First Alert safes include various safety features like being waterproof and fire resistant, ready-seal technology, mounting hardware or cables, emergency override key, removable shelves or trays and being TSA-approved. What is the goal of buying your safe? What are the main items you are trying to protect and how much room will they take up? Do you think you will need to store additional items at some point in the future? These are important things to keep in mind when choosing both the functionality and size of your safe.

Portable Safes

We offer a wide selection of both portable safes and portable lock boxes if the items you want to store need to move often. For example, our Deluxe Digital Security Box is .27 cubic feet and is the perfect place to store things like cash, documents, jewelry and other small valuables. The material of the box features double-steel wall construction that is fire-resistant. This safe, as well as many other models, features a convenient carrying handle so traveling with it is easy.

Trust First Alert with Your Valuables

We take pride in protecting you and your family in all situations, and our safes are no different. High-quality and durable, you can rely on our safes to protect you when you need it most.