Best Features for Smoke Alarms

Your smoke alarm is entrusted with the all-important task of keeping your family safe. So you want to make sure your smoke alarm is extremely reliable and has all the best features. After all, any feature that can keep your family better protected is worth researching.

Technology has revolutionized household items of all sorts and the smoke alarm is no exception. The highest quality and trustworthy smoke alarms have features much improved from past smoke alarms. To get you up to date on the latest, here are a few of the best smoke alarm features.

Voice Alarm

Many owners appreciate the voice alarm feature in their smoke alarm. This feature means that not only does the alarm sound, but a voice also alerts the emergency. Some believe the voice alarm is a more effective manner of alerting them to what is going on in their home. This is especially true with children, they are more easily awoken by a voice rather than an alarm. The voice alarm will also identify whether it is a fire alarm or a carbon monoxide alarm and in which room which allows you to take the appropriate action to escape the home. Voice alarm can also alert you when the battery is getting low.

Interconnected System

In the past, it was possible to connect your home alarm systems only via hardwiring. That means, if an alarm goes off in any room of the house, all alarms in the house will go off. With today’s technology, the alarm system can be completely wirelessly interconnected. This feature makes it much easier for any home to connect their systems which ultimately keeps you much safer. Knowing about a fire as soon as possible is critical to your family’s safety.

Light Alarm

Some smoke alarms come equipped with a feature that causes a warning light to go off along with the alarm itself in the case of a fire. In case of a fire at night when all lights are turned off, this light feature can be very beneficial. This is also an extremely important feature to help notify anyone with difficulty hearing.

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First Alert Protective Services 

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