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What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless and deadly gas
that can be produced by any fuel-burning device.

CO alarms detect this poisonous gas
and provide early warning.

Sources of
Carbon Monoxide

CO can be produced by any fuel-burning device,
such as a furnace, boiler, stove and cars.

  • Furnace
  • Dryer Vent
  • Chimney

Safety Tips

  • Install carbon monoxide alarms on every level and in every bedroom.
  • Test carbon monoxide alarms regularly.
  • Replace batteries every six months.
  • Alarms don’t last forever, remember to replace.
  • Never leave a car running in an attached garage.
  • Do not use generators, gas powered tools or grills inside the home.
  • Plan and practice an escape route with your family.
  • If your carbon monoxide alarm does sound, leave the home
    immediately for fresh air and call 911.



What does the
beep mean?

  • 4 beeps and a pause
    Emergency: Carbon Monoxide has been
    detected. Move to fresh air and call 911.

  • 1 beep every minute
    Low battery: It’s time to replace the
    batteries in your carbon monoxide alarm.

  • 5 beeps every minute
    End of Life: It's time to replace
    your carbon monoxide alarm.

Carbon Monoxide Safety With Taylor Kinney

Install CO alarms on every level and
in every bedroom of your home to
help protect your home and family from
the dangers of carbon monoxide.

It's the Law

Many states have legislation
requiring carbon monoxide alarms.
Help ensure your family home and
family are protected.

Carbon Monoxide Legislation

Help Protect Your Home and Family
with Carbon Monoxide Alarms

10-Year Sealed Battery CO Alarms

Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 10-Year Battery and Digital Temperature Display

This CO alarm alerts you to elevated carbon monoxide levels
and has a digital display showing temperature.
The built-in 10-year sealed battery offers continuous
protection for the life of the alarm.

Product 2

Carbon Monoxide Alarm,
Battery Powered

This carbon monoxide alarm is battery powered,
making it portable and easy to use anywhere, even
in the event of a power outage.

Plug-In CO Alarms

Carbon Monoxide Plug-In Alarm with Battery Backup

This carbon monoxide alarm plugs into any standard
electrical socket to monitor CO levels in your home.
The user-friendly design features battery backup to allow for
continuous monitoring, even in the event of a power outage.

Product 4

Carbon Monoxide Plug-In Alarm with Battery Backup and Digital Display

This carbon monoxide alarm operates on a dual-power
system with battery backup for continuous monitoring, even
in the event of a power outage. The backlit digital screen tells
you at a glance what the carbon monoxide and power levels are.

Combination Smoke and CO Alarms

Combination Photoelectric Smoke
and Carbon Monoxide Alarm
with 10-Year Battery

This low-profile alarm detects both smoke and
carbon monoxide. The slim, easy-to-install design has a
10-year sealed battery that lasts the life of the alarm.


Combination Explosive Gas and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Backlit Digital Display

Versatile CO alarm senses high levels of propane,
natural/methane gas, and carbon monoxide.
This alarm plugs into any AC outlet for easy setup;
backup battery powers unit in case of power outage.

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