How do I connect my Onelink Thermostat to my Amazon Echo using the Amazon Alexa App?

  1. Once you have setup your Onelink Thermostat and Skyport account, do the following:
  2. Make sure your Onelink Thermostat and Amazon Echo / Tap / Dot are on the same Wi-Fi (LAN)
  3. Using your mobile device (also connected to same Wi-Fi as thermostat and Echo / Tap / Dot), open the Alexa app and search for “First Alert” in the Smart Home Skills section
  4. Select the “First Alert” Skill then Enable the skill
  5. Login with your Skyport username and password
  6. Authorize “Amazon Alexa Smart Home” to access your Skyport account in the Amazon Alexa App
  7. Click on “Discover Devices” to add your Skyport thermostat to the Amazon Echo / Tap / Dot in the Alexa app.
    1. Once the app discovers your thermostat, you can use specific Voice Commands with your Amazon Echo.
    2. Note: Thermostat name needs to be configured in your Skyport account setup in order to recognize. Otherwise the default if not changed will be “Thermostat.”