What can I do if I am not receiving push notifications?

Your iPhone or iPad can receive notifications in the event your Onelink alarm senses smoke or CO. Notifications will be sent to your mobile device once the alarm has completed multiple cycles of the alarm sounding assuring residents are notified first in the event of a possible emergency. The time to receive notifications to your mobile devices varies depending on your router and internet and iPhone service providers speed. In general notifications will be received on your devices in about 60 seconds. If you want these alerts and are not getting them, follow some of these steps.

  1. Assure your app is set for receiving push notifications. Navigate to each alarm setting and assure the receive push notifications is toggled “on” for each alarm.
  2. Assure The notifications is set to “on” in your Onelink Home app in the iPhone settings
  3. Assure your wireless router is operating
  4. If you are still not receiving notifications, contact our support team.