What is low level CO?

This device monitors CO at low levels (9-30ppm) for those who may be at greater risk such as infants, elderly, pregnant women and those with respiratory concerns.
If your device detects low level CO, you will receive a push notification.
Fuel-burning appliances like:portable heater, gas or wood burning fireplace, gas kitchen range or cooktop, gas clothes dryer.
Damaged or insufficient venting:corroded or disconnected water heater vent pipe, leaking chimney pipe or flue, or cracked heat exchanger, blocked or clogged chimney opening.
Improper use of appliance/device: operating a barbecue grill or vehicle in an enclosed area (like a garage or screened porch)
Transient CO Problems: “transient” or on-again-off-again CO problems can be caused by outdoor conditions and other special circumstances.

According to some medical research, ongoing exposure to carbon monoxide levels as low as 9ppm for eight hours during light or moderate exercise can generate carboxyhemoglobin levels above 25% which can affect health.