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Be Ready At Home

Help protect your home and family by installing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on every level and in every bedroom.

Stop Fires Fast

Add EZ Fire Spray to your grilling set to help be prepared in case of an emergency.

10-Year Sealed Battery Alarm with Voice & Location Technology

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm alerts you to the location and type of danger to help you escape safely.

Help Protect Your Family With Alarms

CO is odorless and invisible, and the only way to detect carbon monoxide is by installing CO alarms.

Hurricane and Storm Preparedness

Safe & Sound Supports AirPlay 2

The Safe & Sound Smart Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm now supports AirPlay 2!

Safe & Sound Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector supports AirPlay 2

Whole Home Safety With Taylor Kinney

Learn fire and carbon monoxide safety tips you can practice at home with your family to help protect your loved ones. 

Protect Your Home with Fire Extinguishers, Smoke & CO Detectors

Ensure your home is protected with First Alert fire and carbon monoxide safety products.

EZ Fire Spray

Easy to use fire extinguishing spray discharges four times longer than a traditional fire extinguisher. 

Carbon Monoxide Detector With 10-Year Battery

Convenient tabletop alarm for your home with no installation necessary.

Smoke & CO Alarm with Voice Alerts

This 2-in-1 detector tells you the type of danger and its location with voice alerts.

Fire Safety Community

Learn more about fire and carbon monoxide safety, including legislation in your area. Additional safety information from the National Fire Protection Association.


Learn more about First Alert community events, legislation, and carbon monoxide and fire safety information. 

Safety Corner

Keep your home and loved ones safe with fire and carbon monoxide safety tips and emergency escape route planning.


An interactive map that displays smoke and carbon monoxide legislation by state.

Where to Buy First Alert Products

First Alert products can be purchased at the retailers below.

July 24th at 5:08pm
Help protect your family - and pets - by installing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your home! Be sure to also include your pets in your home escape plan 🐶🐾

95 Likes   11 Comments

July 20th at 9:28pm
Enjoy summer nights roasting marshmallows over the fire knowing you’re prepared with a fire extinguisher nearby!

56 Likes   8 Comments

July 14th at 5:10pm
Installing 10-Year Sealed Battery Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms means no costly battery replacements for the life of the alarm!

49 Likes   3 Comments

July 10th at 4:16pm
As you are putting the final touches on your home renovation projects, remember to upgrade to First Alert's 10-year sealed battery smoke & CO alarms. 🏠

9 Likes   2 Comments

July 6th at 8:05pm
Learn fire safety tips you can practice at home with First Alert and WGN's Mike Toomey. 🏠

63 Likes   0 Comments

July 1st at 5:04pm
Have a fire extinguisher within reach while using fireworks and sparklers to help keep your loved ones safe this holiday weekend. 🎇🎆

100 Likes   11 Comments

June 29th at 2:32pm
Gather your family and practice these 3 home safety tips to help keep them safe this summer ☀️🏠

50 Likes   1 Comments

June 26th at 4:49pm
Make EZ Fire Spray a must have this summer when grilling 🌭🍔 ☀️ Keep EZ Fire Spray near by to stop fires fast and help keep your family safe. #EZFireSpray #StopsFiresFast

72 Likes   12 Comments

June 23rd at 10:03pm
Upgrade to 10-year sealed battery smoke and CO alarms to eliminate the need for battery replacements and late night low battery chirps for a decade! 🌙⭐️

76 Likes   12 Comments
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