10-Year Battery Alarms

10-Year Battery Alarms

Forgetting to monitor the batteries in your smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm is a common error that could have major repercussions. This is why 10-year battery-operated alarms continue to gain popularity. With battery-operated smoke alarms, it is recommended that batteries are replaced every six months. However, with 10-year battery-operated smoke alarms, you can rest assured knowing that 10-year sealed battery offers continuous power for the life of the alarm.

10-Year Dual-Sensor Smoke Alarms

Staying on top of battery life for multiple alarms is stressful and often a hassle. This is why First Alert offers the 10-Year Battery Dual Sensor Alarm that detects early warnings signs of both flaming and smoldering fires. This alarm also utilizes intelligent-sensing technology, meaning it is designed to cut down on frustrating and scary false alarms in your home.

Because of the design, you don’t need to worry about installing your 10-year battery alarm anywhere near a hardwired connection. It’s easy to set up anywhere in your home. Other models that feature 10-year alarms include the 10-Year Battery Photoelectric Smoke Alarm, Slime Profile with Escape Light, the Micro Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with 10-year Battery, the Sealed Ionization Smoke Alarm with 10-Year Lithium Battery and the Slim Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with 10-year Battery.

10-Year Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide poisoning poses another threat to you and your family’s safety. In order to ensure your home is safe at all times, we recommend getting the Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 10-Year Battery and Digital Temperature Display. As soon as your carbon monoxide levels begin to rise, this CO detector will warn you via an easy-to-read backlit digital LED display. It’s a stylish design that can sit atop a table or dresser without being in the way.

When it comes to your family’s safety, trust that First Alert will guide you in the right direction. If you are interested in learning more about our 10-year battery-operated smoke alarms, don’t hesitate to contact us today.