Designer Safety






Make Safety Cool Again with the Atom!

New First Alert Designer Smoke/Fire & Carbon Monoxide Alarms add an element of style to safety.


Form & Function
Stylized protection from smoke and fire.
Is Your Whole Home Protected?
Where do you have your smoke alarms? The Atom smoke alarm is the perfect add on alarm for those unprotected areas of your home.



atom-smPhotoelectric smoke alarm is a fraction of the size of a standard alarm and provides all the necessary protection to help keep your family and your home safe. Click here to view the Atom product page for details.




From the Ceiling to the Wall!


Did you know that in addition to the ceiling, smoke alarms can be placed high on the wall? The NFPA recommends that wall-mounted smoke alarms should be installed four to 12 inches away from the ceiling or corners.


Consider Every Room of Your Home

House fires can start from many items used in your home every day. Do you have maximum coverage in your home? Consider the common causes of house fires below. 

Common Sources of House Fires